As at July 13, 2018:


# of shares outstanding                                 149,712,125



Expiring October 7, 2020 at $0.77              3,995,000

Expiring May 1, 2022 at $0.25                     250,000

Expiring April 5, 2028 at $0.31                     7,325,000

Total options                                                     11,570,000



Expiring February 3, 2020 at $0.30            25,606,055

Expiring February 3, 2020 at $0.15            3,237,941(1)

Total warrants                                                   28,843,99

(1) Exercisable into units.  Each unit is comprised of one share and one-half of a warrant at $0.30 until February 3, 2020.


Fully diluted                                                      190,126,121                                       


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